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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 15, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> sign tells the story
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>> labor day it is. >> signs are up. count down is on. >> after years of debate and delay the new bay bridge is finally ready to open. good evening. >> i'm in for carolyn johnson. bay bridge will close between august the 28th and september 3rd as the switch over begins. the date had been in question for months because of the broken other quake safety bolt discovered last spring. >> well today the toll bridge oversight committee voted to approve temporary fix for the bolt cementing the opening day for labor day weekend vl not everyone is thrilled with the plan. we are life on treasure eye land with look at impact on commuters. >> well about 400,000 daily bart riders are going to be jock using for seat with car
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poolers and ac transit transbay passengers. the bay bridge is also economic life line for a lot of businesses who expect to lose money during those 5 days. >> modern express courier company expects to lose up to continue,000 dollars when the bay bridge closes for 5 days. >> drivers will go on the san m te'o brim or san rafael, catching ferry catching a cab once we get them that san francisco so we are going to have a hit on this. >>reporter: oakland gay pride festival could take a hit because bridge officials cancel the big celebration for opening of the new spaichbility folk plan big celebration on the bridge. so we are expecting boost in numbers and now we have the hope the numbers there. >> bart trains run but competition for seats. >> labor day weekend, people will take time off. in the me
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i'll be working until friday. >> because 2 of the 5 closure days are workday. thousands of car poolers and ac transit transbay passengers plan to join the 400,000 daily bart passengers. >> it's packed. going to be like sardine in there never fu fun. >> 0a's play the rays and cal bears will take than ought northwestern wildcat that weekend. getting to those games is a challenge for some. last time bay bridge closed in 2009 traffic shot up 22 percent and bart set a ridership record for labor day closure on treasure island. this is abc 7 news. >> bart plans to run limited service around the clock from august the 28th until the evening of monday september 2nd day before the bridge opened. bart not announced which stations will open around the klochblingt ac transit take passengers to bart station where they cap connect with the trains. golden gate transit and san francisco bay ferry offer special services during
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this closure period. >> ground broken on the original bay bridge back in 19 33 three years rater open to traffic. project finished 9 months early and came in millions under budget. now billions of dollars later we are about to drive across a new eastern span built to withstand a major earthquake. it has been 24 years since this earthquake struck the bay year. the quake caused a section of the bay bridge to collapse. bridge was shut down for a month to make repairs. but it was ultimately determined long-term solution was need. in 20,000 2 the project to build the new span started. construction of the world lon longest self anchor suspension bridge in motion while the western span would be retrofitted. in 2000 then the bay bridge closed to labor day weekend so new detour installe installed. so-called s curve. work crew discovered a damage steel beam repaired and open to commuters. bridge closes again
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this labor day weekend with projected opening of september 3rd. total estimated cost, 6.2 billion dollars. we are now 19 days until the opening of the new bay bridge. stay with us for continuing coverage and big opening on september 3rd. >> developing news tonight out of egypt. death toll in egypt continues to rise. more than 6 30 people have been killed in the violence. following crook down on camp that house suppor supporters of ousted president morsi. crack down has prompted more clashes after cross cairo and other cities in the countr country. nearly 4000 people have been injured. to honor those died egyptian americans gathered in san jose tonight mourning those killed and worried certainly about those still in danger. lisa is live in san jose tonight with the story. lace? >>reporter: this sidewalk next to me was packed with more than 100 people. they carried tl candle, american and egyptian
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flags and they share stories of the country they still have high hopes for. >> i if. >>reporter: sadness death the reason so many are here tonight. they stood at the corner of winchester and stevens creek boulevard in san jose. silently holding candle while thoughts on egypt. hundreds have died in the streets during violent protest including this man friend shot to death. >> doctor decided to go down there and help people as much as possible. up fortunately he died. >>reporter: the clash between egypt military and protestors have escalated since president morsi was ousted. just about everyone here tonight has been touched by the violence so far away. of his brother-in-law shot yesterday. >> he was a kind person. never held a wechlt doesn't even know how to yub one. >>reporter: father of 2 was
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jeevrment he decided to attend a protest yesterday morning in the square. it turned deadly there short time later. >> i am angry for losing a very good person. for losing very good brother. >>reporter: anger disappointment and fear fill the hearts of those here. many left egypt years ago but still consider it home and seeing the home ripped apart is horrifyin horrifying. >> people being killed over difference of political opinio opinion. which is definite stating. i never thought things would get that bad. >> no one d.that's why they sened -- ended with these simple words. god be with you and your loved ones. in san jose abc 7 news. >> bricking news from the south pacific. strong earth quick shook new zealand capitol of wellton. you can see students taking cover when the 6.8 quake struck. it's already friday in nuss and earthquake hit around 2:30 p.m. so far no reports of
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any injuries or significant damage. >> well 2 men 7 long prison sentence after convicted in the gang rape of girl at richmond high school. jose faces 33 years to life in prison. peter 29 years to life prosecutors say they assaulted the victim outside the dance in october 2,000 9. the case shock the nation. 4 men now sentenced. 2 more await trial. >> man arrested on child porn charges caught down loading even more pornography at the police station. 48-year-old walter about was arrested yesterday after santa cruz police found thousands of illegal images at his home. when they brought him in for questioning they actually caught him down loading more illegal porn on to his smart phone in the police station. detectives are working to identify those images. >> tiffany store in with nut creek expected to reopen tomorrow after brazen outrage us robbery this morning. 4
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mask men used a stolen pick up to bash in the store doors. they didn't get a lieutenant however because all of the expensive jewelry is locked tight in the fault at night. police say the thieves even brought along a tub to hall away the loot. police breathe suspect escaped in the white blazer on the left in the picture. but investigation continues. >> leaders of san jose police union today reject add pay raise offered by city hall. it would have given officers nip percent raise over the next 2 years. leaders claim officers are leaving san jose because it pays them less than other stichlts lawsuit over voter approved pension reform plan must be resolved before the officers get the races they want. >> first time in seven years human case of west nile virus confirmed in marin county. health officials say the patient is no have the 0resident. virus transmitted to mosquito bite. causes fever, chills muscle ache and rare cases convulsion. 37
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human case of west nile virus detect sod far this year in california. >> mean time happening right now in san jose. vector control spray for west nile virus us tonight. it's happening between east san antonio street, 19 and south paxton street. take several hours to complete. new at 11:00. palo alto high school wants to make it clear that streaking will not be tolerated on campus after 2 students ran naked during lunch today on the first day of school. principal sent a letter warning parents and students the letter points out streaker face suspension and meeting with the police officer assigned to campus. >> big rig crashed landed near homes in pinole. truck went through create wul on interstate 80 near app wait a minute rig on its side on dirt shoulder. took 5 hours to pull the rig up right then hall it away. nobody injured. accident is under investigation.
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>> still to come tonight. growing concerns tonight about those laundry pod after child die from his eating one. the call for changes. >> plus big decision as attendance lag at exploratorium at the new home. what they do to save money. >> i-phone app just for women. what it does and how it could be the right fit for you. >> if fuzzy view of the embarcadero due to fog right now. check out the wake up weather and cool down that is coming. i'll let you know if
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0is. >> break news san jose. man critically injured in crash on interstate 6 80 at king road. details just now coming into the newsroom. here's what we know. chp has closed down the connect or ramp from 6 80 to 101. started shortly before 9 so about 2 hours ago. san jose fire tells us the injured person has been transported to the hospital of course with critical injuries. authorities not released the circumstances of this accident. >> new at 11. scary accident tonight in conoco county where tree branch broke rolled over 8-year-old girl. girl was swinging on the branch in a friend back yard on yard road in kensington when it snapped. she was alert before being air-lifted to a hospital.
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>> this may the first time this ever happened. infant has died after swallowing a candy colored liquid laundry pocket. victim is seven month old boy in florida. children are attracted to the packet because they look like candy. the packets are on the left. candy on the right. how do you tell the difference if you are a ki kid. consumer group have been calling for safety changes for more than a year. >> what we would really like to see is a coating on the product to keep kids from swallowing. something that make it taste bitter so they don't want to injest it. >> practicaltor gamble redesigned packaging for its tide pod from what look like candy jar to an orange container. this year alone poison control centers have received 5700 calls involving children and the detergent page. warning for pet owner also. major recall affecting 29 different pet foods. product made by proctor and gamble pulled because of concerns the fad could be contaminated with salmonella. if there's dry dog food and cat
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food. so far there have been no illnesses reported. we have all the recall product listed on 7 under see it on tv. >> poor attendance unfortunately costing employee their job at san francisco new exploratorium. according to the chronicle 80 positions being eliminated about fifth of the staff. officials say attendance is half what was projected when the science museum moved into the new dig on the embarcadero in april. >> richmond youngsters 7 free back to school supply this evening. group called for richmond distributed 400 backpack filled with school supply in the hilltop maul parking lot. the organizers point out many family struggle buying essential lake pencil, pen and notebook. police activity league also sponsored a carnival. new app helping women find the perfect bra. it's called third love exploratorium base start up promises to help women find their perfect bra size.
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take 2 photo of yourself in a tank top. app then uses body modeling to help figure out the perfect fit. research shows up to 85 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. >> i don't think i have ever been fitted in person because i have if he ever had the time. this took me probably 3 or 4 minutes max so it was and i could do it in the privacy of my own home. you don't want to change in front of somebody else or you are home and do it in your bathroom for 4 minutes and you are done. >> find out more about third love and perfect bra watch good morning america at 7:00 a.m. on abc 7. >> find out the forecast and stay tune right now subpoena sand yaichlt we have some dense fog out there. bay bridge a little fuzzy behind you because of the fog as you look at live doppler 7 hd you can see the entire coast is socked in. remember if with us this afternoon there was only one little patch near the coast. all changing. marine layer
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starting to deepen. look at the visibility half moon bay. dense fog quarter mile. fog out to oakland and hayward as well. visibility 10 miles there also a little sticky outside. humidity is running higher. normally when we measure dew point we basically see measure of moisture in the air. normally in the 50's right now it's low to mid 60's and this afternoon you probably notice the higher humidity as well. from our exploring camera the morning in downtown san francisco foggy misty at times. temperatures 59 in san francisco. it's cooling off quick. 63 in oakland. 69 degrees in san jose and as you look at the view from our roof cam are a little breezy but not terribly windy looking down embarcadero 63 in santa rosa. 64 novato. it's still mild in concord livermore fairfield upper 60's. here's view from the emeryville camera out to the bay. visibility this perspective okay. mild muggy
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overnight tonight with foggy areas and dense fog in spots. bit cooler tomorrow afternoon and look for the summer spread for the weekend. so show you what's going to bring about the cooling for your friday and a little bit on saturday as well. this system here ahead of it the south west wind flow is really bringing in that extra humidity but here's weighs going to happen. humidity tomorrow afternoon will come down. trough will 10 to linger off the coast line heading into early next week. chance of unsettled weather by tuesday. northern california central sierra may looking at showers thunderstorms will watch for possible development here in the bay area. tomorrow morning leave your jacket behind. it's a mailed start. most areas low to mid squis. watch out for the fog along the coast and bay so reduced visibility with dense fog out there need to give yourself plenty of time for the afternoon. 86 gilroy. sunny sky on the planes by afternoon. upper 70's redwood
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city. mount view pacifica so cooler day daly city same thing with fog lingering. 66 downtown san francisco. north bay mid 80's for santa rosa napa vallejo. east bay 74. 80 castro investment inland spot still below 90 at fairfield. 7 day forecast a little bit cooler saturday particularly inland and bay. temperatures rebounding by sunday mid 60's coast and then tread lower again for those that like it cooler monday tuesday. >> we have not had too many 100 degree days. >> we have not very fortunate. no heat wave of the summer. >> thanks. >> time to look at sports. >> here with all of it tonight. >> a trending a little cooler. >> not by design. verge of being swept by the worst team in baseball. what do they do today? send a rookie to the mound. sunny skies in
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>> gechlt when playing the worst team in baseball you have a golden opportunity to sweep the series. instead the a's were hoping to avoid being swept by the lowell astros and sent a rookie to the rescue. sunny gray second major league start. first at the coliseum and dealing. 8 scoreless innings. struck out 9. another first year player who provided the offense. for green gold. astros organization to start this year. down the line 2 run double in the first. 3 nothing a's like that. big fly in the fourth. high deep and aloha. 4 for 4 with 4 lib. salvage the series finale. game and a half back of texas with the rangers enjoying this day off. giants in dc. say hi to the third president. thomas jefferson right there. we pick it up in the sixth. highlights
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got good. fifth homer of the month. 15th of the year. pinch hitting sanchez. this ball just got picked up on russian radar. suddenly giants up 4-3. certainly yo in for the same. glove save and beauty by diving brandon crawford who robs bryce harper. beautiful nice come back victory. win 4-3. they call her the hurricane. she could turn out to be the face of women boxing in the future. bay area native flew to mexico did for big fight she has coming up on saturday. face selena and if won she will be featured on floyd may weather big pay per view under card on september 14. women boxing is exploding. >> the momentum is ready to take off witness. it's just
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grown mass i feel in. especially globally. so there's a lot of things going on and it's pretty cool to know that august 17 can pretty much set the stage of what america will view women boxing in the state's. >>reporter: pre-season football chargers and bears chicago scores fears cutler back shoulder throw to marshall for the defender. draped all over. charger play by turn overs. committed 4 in the game. philip rivers picked off by former cal state chris and another about bears recover. pre-season but players still do hit. hello. chargers receiver mike willy. really feels like he has 2 first names after the hit. flames everywhere. bears win 33 to 28. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino both niners and raiders pre-season action. 49 percent big match up. smith in kansas city. the.
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>> that's fun. >> thanks larry. >> from whacky food combo growing in popularity. >> when we return. how pepsi
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>> look at the wake up weather. plenty of time in the morning. we'll have the foggy areas dense in patches. mild and humid morning the temperatures starting out in the upper 50's to mid 60's 5:00 a.m. check out 8:00 a.m. low to upper 60's. mike will be here tracking the cooler weather tomorrow 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. >> finally here. pepsi and cheetoh go hand in hand but now you can get them in a single bag. >> folk at frito lay created pepsi flavored cheat o. the combo is on store shelves right now in japan. >> they join other over seas favorites. tuna mayo dorito. >> sounds awful. >> chalk lad lat covered cheat
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oychlt still no word if the pepsi cheetoh and this hybrid coming to the u.s. any time soon. >> let's hope not. >> next on "jimmy kimmel live" live", ashton kuscher, medical necessity griffith add big shawn. >> that's this edition of 7 news. thanks for watching. >> this is all of us here have a great night. >> appreciate your time. connect on twitter any time you connect on twitter any time you wish at this site
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kelso, ke "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight ashton kutcher -- melanie griffith -- and music from big sean -- with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. welcome to the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. okay, good, i'm


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